’09 Destin

Destin, Florida
October 2009

Well vacation is over and it’s back to the grind, and back to the indentured servitude of working for “The Man”. Let me recap the vacation, before I get bogged down in that exciting life.

Friday, 10-16-09
I was able to get out of the lair a few hours early and headed over to Chris and Meredith’s. Chris and I worked at the Y together, and have been friends ever since. We’ve been on several trips together, but this was the first one since he and Meredith started their family. Chris, Meredith, their two girls (toddler and an infant), and I loaded up and headed for Baton Rouge. On the way we say an 18 wheeler with “Truckin for Mama” on the back of the trailer, and “Renegade” on the mud flaps. We decided that a country song needed to be written. Maybe I’ll work on the lyrics this week.

We pulled into Baton Rouge about 9 pm and stayed at one of Meredith’s sorority sister’s grandparent’s house. Jessica the sorority sister was there too, they were all very hospitable.

Saturday, 10-17-09
Meredith and Jessica had a sorority reunion; there was an open house at the chapter house on the LSU campus Saturday morning. Boy did I feel of place there. There were other men there, but they were with their wives or girlfriends. I was the guy tagging along with people who had a reason to be there. In hindsight, I probably should have just walked around the campus. I did get to go to the second story of the house and look around. Let’s just say it wasn’t how I pictured it in my dreams, but hey I can say I’ve been to the second story of a sorority house now.
Saturday afternoon, back at Jessica’s grandparent’s house, Chris and I watched the kids and my Sooners lose to Texas. Well Chris did more of the kid watching. I did tell the baby Chris was on the way with a bottle. It didn’t seem to appease her much. The ladies were back at more sorority functions.

Sunday, 10-18-09
We left Baton Rouge, after stopping by the LSU campus to get acquainted with Mike the Tiger. LSU has a very nice campus.

Mike the Tiger

From LSU

No Pets

From LSU

LSU Album

Then we were finally on the road to Destin, Florida. We arrived in Destin about 5pm and got settled in Meredith’s parent’s condo.

Monday, 10-19-09
I woke up about 5:30, quickly got dressed and went for a walk. We were only a few blocks from the beach, so I went down and watched the sunrise. It’s a shame not to see the sunrise come up on the ocean at least once in your life.

From Beach

Beach Album
Once everyone else was up we got ready and headed to the Air Force Armament Museum on Eglin Air Force Base. Well on the outskirts of the AFB. We followed the GPS and it took us to the entrance of the base. We were turned away for lack of military id, but the nice guard did give us instructions on how to get to the museum.

From Air Force Armenent Museum

The museum was very cool! I highly recommend it.

In the afternoon, Chris and I rented bicycles at a place near the condo. He didn’t get to ride his during the trip, but I was able to get my money’s worth riding every morning. Well after an impromptu tune up on the non maintained cruiser rental.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
I was up before six and out on the bicycle. After riding for a while, I rode to the beach and watched the sun come up again.

From Gulfarium

After everyone got up and ready, we went to the Gulfarium. It was pretty cool! We were able to get pretty close to dolphins. Jessica’s husband met us over there. After the Gulfarium we went to McGuire’s Irish Pub. That place is the coolest restaurant I’ve ever been to! I picked up a couple of shirts to remember my visit.

That afternoon, I went to the beach and took a nice dip in the clear water. It was chilly, but fun! Those beaches are so nice. You can walk barefooted on them. The sand feels really soft.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Would you believe I woke up early, went to the beach and watched the sun come up? I also rode the bike down to the Cracker Barrel. I didn’t have an odometer, but I think it was about a ten mile round trip.
We went to the beach. Once again I jumped in and took a chilly dip.

In the evening we took a sunset dolphin watching boat cruise. We saw lots of dolphins and an awesome sunset.

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Guess what I did when I woke up? If you couldn’t guess it was bike, beach, sunset, and Cracker Barrel again.
Then we went to Harborwalk Marina, and looked at the boats and shops. We had lunch at AJ’s Seafood which is right on the harbor.

In the evening we looked around at the outlet stores for a little while.

Friday, October 23, 2009
I only rode for a few minutes because the weather started getting rough and the tiny bike were tossed. If not for the courage of the fearless Randall, the cruiser would be lost, the cruiser would be lost.
I borrowed the vehicle Meredith’s parents keep there and drove around town a bit, I went to a public shelter on the beach and watched the awesomeness of big waves coming in.

Chris and I returned the bikes. Then Jessica came to visit for the day. Her and her husband lives a couple of hours away in case you were wondering why they both made day appearances. Chris and I headed for the outlet stores. I found a watch at the Fossil store for $40. Most of the other stores we went into were your typical outlet store hype. The Fossil store was the exception. We drove around Destin, then on over to Fort Walton Beach. We came back to Destin for some crappy Chinese food; the restaurant also sold iPhone cases, and Kimonos. We stuck with the crappy food.
Then it was back to the condo. The sun was out and the skies were clear. It was still windy. I took one last venture over the beach and watched the big waves.
Friday night we ordered from a local restaurant. At Jessica’s suggestion, I tried had my first Cuban sandwich. It was really good!

Saturday October 24, 2009
We left Destin about 7:30 am; I was back at the apartment by 7 pm.
The trip was over, but at least I still had Sunday to get situated for my fabulous life. One thing I learn from each trip I take is the longer I’m away, the less I want to come back. And from looking at the pictures, I am looking fatter which means I am fatter. Which means it’s time for me to get back on the wagon.