Who am I?

Who am I?

“Well I’ve never been to Heaven
But I’ve been to Oklahoma
Well they tell me I was born there
But I really don’t remember”
-Hoyt Axton
Steaming down the tracks of your mind…
…at an incredibly slow pace.

From CA Trip Day 2 2011-04-03 Channel Islands-Anacapa Island-PCH-Griffith Observatory



Forty-seven years or so after the Great Depression began; Randall was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The second of six children (four living, two deceased), but the only one with red hair (when he had hair it was red).
This son of a preacher man never has lived up to the lyrics of the Dusty Springfield song titled “son of a preacher man”, but he is well known in his small circle for the non-award winning work on RandallMurphy.com.
His rogue scholar learning was obtained in the public education systems of Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas again. He was selected to be the historian of the 1994 graduating class from Splendora High School. After high school Randall attended Kingwood College in Kingwood, Texas. It was there that he was not on the dean’s list. In fact, we’re quite certain the dean had no idea Randall was there. Unless the dean was wondering who owned the 1985 Mazda 626 (that looked fine on one side, and looked like a bondo fiend’s dream on the other) belonged to in the parking lot.
He works for “the man” like most people and has affectionately self-titled himself a cubicle cave dweller. The remaining strands of sanity are preserved through his writings on this site. As you will notice, he is not a very good proofreader/editor.

From 2011 MS150


“Poetic justice is just that, it only exists in poems and stories.” -Randall Murphy


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This is the part where Randall refers to himself in third person. We encourage you to post comments positive or negative. While Randall won’t promise to listen to the negative ones, he will read them and tell himself that you are wrong and he is right. If you’d rather send email…

From CA Trip Day 1 2011-04-02 Ronald Reagan Library-Santa Monica Pier