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A PSA about PSA’s

I keep seeing PSA’s about human trafficking, and how I need to be on the lookout to help stop it.  I’m not denying that it happens but am relatively sure I don’t have any contact with human traffickers.  This probably speaks more to my small social circle, but the last people I visited a few weeks ago (cousins Shelly and Jerry) didn’t seem to be trafficking anyone.  If the workers at Walgreens are trafficking or being trafficked, I couldn’t tell.  Obviously, if I saw something obvious, I would notify the respective authorities.  Maybe I am naïve, but I think I would have to be hanging out with lowlife types (which would make me a lowlife type), to consciously know human trafficking was going on.

My point in all this incoherent rambling is to question the effectiveness of PSA’s.   Why isn’t there a PSA about bank robbery? Murder?  “Man, I was going to out and kill some people while robbing a bank today, but I saw this PSA telling me that murder and armed robbery is wrong not to mention immoral.  Instead I decided to do something productive and go help build a Habitat for Humanity house.”

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Galveston, Again

I took a drive down to Galveston on Saturday.

Here are some pics and videos:

The Oak Ridge Boys were in Galveston over the weekend
01-20-2018 Galveston (9)

Leaving Galveston on the Bolivar Ferry
01-20-2018 Galveston (13)

Sea Gulls on the Ferry
01-20-2018 Galveston (1)

01-20-2018 Galveston (2)

01-20-2018 Galveston (4)

01-20-2018 Galveston (17)

01-20-2018 Galveston (18)

01-20-2018 Galveston (32)

01-20-2018 Galveston (58)

01-20-2018 Galveston (45)

01-20-2018 Galveston (20)

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Season’s Greetings from The Randall Murphy Archives

(My “Christmas” card)

Dear Family and Friends,


While I find handwritten notes more personal, the chances of you being able to read my writing are slim. Years of dependence on typing has denigrated my already poor penmanship. In fact, if you are reading this, it is a Christmas miracle that the USPS was able to decipher my writing on the envelope. I did change the font of this letter to “Freestyle Script” to give it a more handwritten feel. “Times New Roman” is such an impersonal font (Not applicable here). If this is being read by an unintended recipient, I am sorry this envelope was devoid the cash you were hoping were inside.  To my family and friends, I am also sorry this did not have the cash you were hoping for inside. I’ll pay you back when my income tax return comes in.  In place of cash, I am hoping the enclosed card will be the gift that keeps on giving for future generations, or not take up too much room in your trash can.  As the card indicates, this past September I was fortunate to visit Yellowstone National Park. The picture of Artists Point at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone was taken right before a rainstorm came through on September 13th about 6 in the evening. While I was trying to avoid being struck by lightning, being rained on at Yellowstone, was an awesome experience I won’t soon forget!

On the same trip, I also visited Grand Teton National Park, Devils Tower, Mount Rushmore, and Denver, CO.  If this letter hasn’t put you to sleep already and you would like to read more ramblings and see more pictures along with some videos, just visit:

For a limited time, I am offering this for the low price of…. nothing.  You get the friends and family discount. Truth be told the whole internet gets the same rate, but I didn’t send the rest of the internet a personal invitation.

Besides going on vacation, I really don’t have much to report on about myself. I still work for the man for the time being, at least this was the case at the time of this letter.  If you see a hobo panhandling for change that looks a lot like me. You’ll know things must have taken a turn for the worse.

If I don’t have a chance to tell you in person, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! I’m thankful for all of you!

All my best,

Randall Lee Murphy


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Yellowstone Rain

This is just a little clip of rain at Yellowstone from September 13, 2017. It was taken from my rear cabin view at the Canyon Lodge Western Cabins.

This location is less than a mile from the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Not that you can see any of the Canyon from this view, but just giving some perspective on where it’s at.

I did make a looped mp3 that is a little over an hour. If you would like a copy, let me know and I can share with you. I use a variety of tracks of rain and water sounds as a sleep soundtrack.


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Galveston, 11.11.17

Growing up, cheap family entertainment was taking a drive down to Galveston.  Besides the tank of gas, it’s relatively free.

As an adult, I have come to appreciate the memories of those family trips. I ended up down there on Saturday.


111117 Galveston (6)

111117 Galveston (8)

111117 Galveston (10)

111117 Galveston (14)

111117 Galveston (21)

111117 Galveston (35)

111117 Galveston (66)

111117 Galveston (76)

111117 Galveston (79)

111117 Galveston (81)